Ridge Racer 64

Ridge Racer, now 64bit Released in 2000 and was the first Ridge Racer that was released not on the PlayStation. Very similar to Ridge Racer Revolution but with a different track appearance and a new soundtrack. There are signs of a limited draw distance, as you can see a billboard-like objects that pops into view […]

BT TV Games

BT, or Youview rather have introduced a new games channel/app/services to their selection of apps that are provided with the service. These are in a similar style to the games offered previously to Sky (Gamestar and PlayJam) and the ones offered on cable where they run directly off the STB and have to be loaded […]

Linux Mandrake 7

Here is Mandrake 7.0, an operating system based on the original Red Hat Linux distro. I tried to get this OS running previously last year after trying it in Vmware and Virtual Box – to no luck. Pcem, and 86Box did make some good progress but the PC I was running at the time wasn’t […]

Windows Chicago Milestone 4 (Build 58)

One of the earliest Windows 95 builds Install An existing Windows 3.1 installation is required to launch setup, and this release can be considered an upgrade of sorts. However very little gets transferred over, likening it to a fresh install Results of the hardware detection, our SoundBlaster 16 is not detected, and neither is our […]

Mac OS X Jaguar (10.2)

The third release of Mac OS X, let’s hope the bugs from the last version were fixed in this build. Some screenshots come from QEMU (4:3) and off a real PowerMac G4 (16:10) The desktop, not much has changed from Puma, aside from a few new icons in the dock. QEMU has a few issues […]


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