Digital TV

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UK Digital

Current Providers

Virgin Media – The only major cable platform in the UK, offers TV using the Horizon 360, along with DOCSIS Internet and landline or mobile phone

BT TV – Offers hybrid IPTV and terrestrial TV (Freeview) via its Youview platform, delivered using VDSL or (Some areas) Openreach network. BT has also offered Youview through its budget Plusnet brand, but has now been discontinued (TV Games, TV Box Pro)

Freesat – Provides FTA channels only using the same satellite as Sky (Astra 28.2), designed for customers who have difficulty receiving Freeview or wish to have FTA satellite without having to go through Sky. Built into some Sony, Samsung, LG and Panasonic televisions.

Sky – Digital satellite provider, currently provides the Sky Q PVR. Also supplies broadband (ADSL/VSDL) and landline phone using the Openreach network

TalkTalk TV – Offers hybrid IPTV and terrestrial TV via its Youview platform, delivered using VDSL or ADSL Openreach network

Netgem TV – Hybrid Freeview and IPTV service, commonly bundled with FTTP providers (Channel List, TV Games)


Digital Satellite

Sky Digital – (Sky Guide Screenshots)

Digital Terrestrial


Digital Cable

Telewest (Screenshots: CR1) – Merged into Virgin Media

ntl (Screenshots: CR1) – Merged into Virgin Media

Cable&Wireless (CR1, ntl rebrand, CR3) – Merged into ntl, then Virgin Media

Smallworld/WightCable North – Merged into Virgin Media

Chorus/UPC Ireland – Merged into Virgin Media Ireland


Kingston (Screenshots)


US Digital TV

Digital Cable

Many cable operators in the US use either Motorola or Scientific-Atlanta for their networks, with some using both depending on the area franchise.

Motorola (Formerly General Instrument)

Scientific Atlanta (Now Cisco Technicolor)

Digital Satellite

DirecTV (DSS)


Set Top Boxes

Sky: Pace 2500S5, Panasonic TU-DSB40

Virgin Media: Scientific Atlanta 4200DVB, Cisco Tivo

Freesat: Humax Freetime

Youview: BT Humax

SkyHD: Thomson/8.3.2, DRX595

ntl: Pace Di4000, Pace Di4001



Interactive TV

Sky (Open…./Sky Active) 1999, 2001, 2002

Cable & Wireless

Other Information

Interactive TV Standards

Sony Bravia Freesat