Homechoice / Tiscali

Launched: 2000

Set Top Boxes

Apple Interactive TV Box1995Trial only, never launched
Oscar1997No further information available
Telwin2000Integrated modem, ATM based network
Lytton/Ayot2002Integrated modem, ATM/IP network, H264 support
Norton2003Integrated modem, ATM/IP network, H264 support
Damask2004Trial only, never launched, DVB-T 4 tuners
Telsey2006External ADSL modem, dual DVB-T tuners, Tiscali branded

Documents & Manuals

Lytton STB

The ‘Norton’ set top box incorporates a Texas Instrument ADSL2 chipset which is based around the AR7STB design which combines the DSL chipset with a custom TI media processor. This processor incorporates a custom DSP (TMS320DM642) which is responsible for the video decoding and supports WMV9, AC-3, AVC, H264 and MPEG2. The main CPU core is a MIPS 4KEc embedded inside the AR7.

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