Nintendo 64

The first second 64bit console released with the power of a tried and trusted cartridge medium. Whilst the system was powered by the SGI Reality Co-processor, Nintendo forgot to give it an RGB output, and decided to axe S-Video on the later models, mine being one of them.

Composite video ought to be enough for anyone

Hiroshi Yamauchi (Probably)

Still its clear to see the technical advantage the N64 offered with its games, sometimes even shining through the muddy composite output and hey, at least we weren’t stuck with RF.

Regarding the cartridge format, a lot of people give them stick for not embracing CD’s for that generation, but personally I respect them for it. Cartridges still had a distinct advance over CD’s in terms of access speed, and durability. Plus some games supported cartridge storage with negated the need for a separate memory card. It also worth mentioning at many early Playstation and Saturn game used uncompressed (Red Book) CD audio for the music and background audio which took up a majority of space, and used MJPEG for the FMV. the N64 could make use of certain sound compression (MP3 was possible to rather CPU demanding, especially if you need the CPU for other tasks.

1080 Snowboarding

A downhill snowboarding game similar to the SSX series of games and Cool Boarders, would later receive a sequel on the Gamecube

Ridge Racer 64

A port of the original Ridge Racer, with altered graphics. The tracks from the original Ridge Racer and the tracks in Revolution are present here, with an exclusive desert track only found in this version. Has a good soundtrack, but the drift controls take a while to get used to, with a very bipolar physics engine.

007 Goldeneye

California Speed

A racing game set around California, this was the unreleased PAL version of the game

Wipeout 64

A port of Wipeout XL/2097 for the Nintendo 64, with a revised MIDI soundtrack and mirrored tracks

WWF No Mercy

Crusin USA

A fun arcade racing game, you drive on a single lap track to the end, trying to avoid the traffic obstacles along the way.

WCW Mayhem

Top Gear Rally

Rush 2

F-Zero X


Mario Party

Duke Nukem: Zero Hour

Duke Nukem with time travel, unlike other games in this series it is played in third person view instead