The original PlayStation… so many different things can be said for it but for now lets just admire its software library

Screenshots below are captured using the BeetleHW core from Retroarch and are running in a higher resolution (2x Native), with dithering removed and additional texture filtering. Some game has perspective correction enabled. Since this is emulation the screenshots below are not an accurate reflection of the game running of the console itself.

Bust a Groove

A rhythm/dancing game geared towards button presses, here timing is essential in order to complete the game, had a two player battle mode.

Wipeout 3

The third entry in the futuristic racing game, released exclusively for the PlayStation. Game as a memorable soundtrack and is one of the few PlayStation games that run in a high resolution

Ridge Racer

The first game released for the PlayStation, at least in the US. This was the home port of the arcade game, which was adapted for the PlayStations capabilities, whilst the resolution and frame rate is reduced, the game is still regarded as a good port and maintains the gameplay for the original, with the addition of some unlockable cars, mirror tracks and a third person view.

Bubsy 3D

Gran Turismo

Rugrats: Search for Reptar


The game that started it all off, it’s a bit rough compared to the newer instalments and there are some interesting features that didn’t make it to the later release such as the changeable views.

Un Jammer Lammy

Simpsons Wrestling

As a wrestling game, it’s pretty poor, but the Simpsons makes up for it. Don’t play this expecting a good wrestling game, however that does not stop the game from being fun, until the last level where you have to Vs Flanders, then the game becomes incredibly cheap.

Syphon Filter


Despite there being a PC port which is capable of running in a higher resolution and framerate, there are certain elements missing from it. The soundtrack / background music is worse in the PC version compared to the PlayStation, which makes this port much better. Comparison here

Dead or Alive

A port from the arcade version, which was originally ported to the Sega Saturn. This version adds new costumes and a new playable character.

Time Crisis

Another port from the arcade, bets played with the GunCon (Hard to do this on a PC emulator)

Duke Nukem: Time To Kill

Destruction Derby Raw

WWE WWF Smackdown

Cool Boarders