Microsoft’s entrance into the console market, packed with the power of a PC and a popular graphics API… and some deep pockets. Thanks to its Pentium 3 Coppermine processor, an NVIDA GeForce 3 based graphics core and 64MB of shard system RAM, the Xbox was one of the best ways of experiencing the best the sixth generation gaming had to offer, which many games running better on the Xbox they an the PS2 or GameCube

Recommended games

Here’s 25 of my currently recommended games fore the Xbox, with more to follow. This consists of exclusive games produced only for the original Xbox, and any third party game that were released for multiple consoles (PS2, Gamecube) where the Xbox version was superior, the exception to this is if the game has a PC port, since I prefer to play games on PC where possible.

Dead or Alive 3

A fighting game release early in the Xbox’s life (launch title), a well balanced fighter with a moderate selection of characters to choose from. Like it’s predecessor, there are multiple tiered stages that your character can move to, causing extra damage to your opponent. There is also a tag and a survival mode.

Brute Force

A third person shooter with a co-operative player mode, you can select form 4 different characters with their own special strength’s and abilities. Similar to Gears of War but without any cover mechanics.


A lesser known racing game, this one features a ‘Dream mode’ where you profess through different Grand Prix style races, whilst you unlock different cards and designs. Your race standings determine your budget used to develop new cars and engines.

Forza Motorsport

The racing sim that started it all, brilliant graphics and a good amount of cars to choose from.

Dead or Alive Ultimate

An updated version of Dead or Alive 2, with enhanced graphics for both stages and character models, and support for Xbox Live.

Project Gotham Racing

Similar to the Metropolis Street Racer on the Dreamcast, this semi arcade racer rewards risk with reward in the from of kudos, more of which can be earned by increasing the difficulty.


A fun wrestling game with a decent roster reflecting the WWE (WWF!) superstars of the time, best player with 2-4 other players since the AI matches can be a bit stiff/cheap.

Unreal Championship

The console version of Unreal Tournament 2003, with some maps altered for the console version, one of the first popular games on Xbox Live. Again, best played with friends with regular deathmatch, CTF, bombing run.

The Simpsons Road Rage

The Simpsons + Crazy Taxi, a good game let down by its unpredictable physics

Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition

An open world racing game with one of the best soundtracks, an updated remix edition was also released

SSX Tricky

An arcade style snowboarding game

The Sims 2

The console release of the popular PC game, sadly its more of a spin off than a port, with the console version lacking many features (no aging, limited aspirations, single story houses). Has a single player level based story mode not featured in the PC version, also the neighbourhoods from the PC version don’t feature here, so no Strangetown or Pleasantview.

50 Cent: Bulletpoof

A fun third person shooter than doesn’t take itself seriously (at least I hope it doesn’t)

Aeon Flux

A tie in to the movie that was released at the same time, and based of the original MTV show


The very first Burnout game, which is quite different compared to the later sequels.


Plays like a football/rugby game, with a disc that both teams need to score in the opponents goal, whilst preventing being tackled in the process, excellent for multiplayer.

DefJam Fight for NY

A hiphop inspired fighting game built on the AKI wrestling engine that powered the N64 games, featuring real life rappers and celebrities


Very challenging at time, and some of the levels suffer from poor design, still it’s a Futurama game, and it has bonus extras and clips from the show

Fight Club

Goldeneye: Rogue Agent

An FPS inspired by the Nintendo 64, but is neither sequel or bares any relation to the story of Goldeneye, and bares little resemblance to the 007 franchise.

Midtown Madness 3

A sandbox style car driving game with a set of unique challenges. Set in both France and Washington.

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Aliance

SWAT: Global Strike Team

A tactical FPS that allows you to issue commands to your squad, whilst fighting against terrorists.

Timesplitters 3

A good FPS that deals with time travel, and an excellent multiplayer mode.

Urban Chaos: Riot Response

Another FPS, you are Nick Mason who is part of the riot control squad, who is tasked to defeat various gang members who rule the streets, whilst protecting civilians along the way.