Kingston TV Pace DSL4000

Kingston IPTV

One of the first IPTV deployments in the UK, and possibly in Europe. here we have a look through the TV service and the Interactive services offered.

The set top box used was a Pace DSL4000, which was powered by Risc OS, with the ANT browser being used to render the KIT interface, and the interactive services.

This forum post has further information on how it all worked

Main Guide

Kingston tv now next

The channel bar, that bares a resemblance to the ONdigital channel bar, however this one displays the date, and the program title and time remaining

kingston interactive tv

It kinds looks like the Ondigital channel banner

kingston tv guide

The main TV guide listings, showing current program information

kingston interactive tv epg

Looking at events in advance

kingston tv channel list

Another look at the channel list, subscription channels are available through the service

kingston tv parental control

Watching a PIN protected program via ON demand, conveniently it also shows how much has been spent this month on content.

kingston tv on demand

Using the On demand interface to fast forward.


Interactive was one of the main draws to the service, and Kingston invested heavily into them. The ANT Fresco browser was used to provide the service, which ran under a custom version of RISC OS

Main Portal

Kingston TV Interactive

The Home screen

Kingston interactive TV

The main menu, this screen looks to take you to the main TV guide listings and the VOD listings

Top Picks – seems to be a showcase sort of service here certain programs are highlighted.

The loading screen

Like interactive cable, Kingston offered internet access and an email client built into the set top box.

Back then you could choose and download operator logo’s for your phone, which were downloaded via the GSM network, rather than through the set top box. here you are able to preview them.

Browsing the internet, The Kingston service included the ANT fresco browser

Kingston IPTV interactive

The main interactive portal, this was designed to be a competitor to the Sky active service offered by Sky, and the interactive services offered by cable, who’s interactive sites were written in HTML.

Kingston TV Shopping

List of all retailer websites supported by the service

E-Commerce, the ability to purchase books and other releated goods

Another view of the interactive menu

Another interactive service, BlueSQ also had a service on Sky

Interactive home menu

Example of a sample advert series, that advertises local business

A third party website

BBCi Hull

More Information

Kingston BBCi

News service on BBCi, which features news headlines and local bulletins

GCSE Bitesize

Kingston BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize, an edutainment service by the BBC

Raw Talent

The Trench

Interactive counterpart to the TV program

BBC Sport


EastEnders microsite, contains additional material in relation to the show

Hull Life

A local focused newsletter

Video Nation

A local based service, which provided clips of local residents.


Yes was the main on demand content provider

My Life in your hands

This was an experimental VOD program that have the user multiple choices on where to progress the story, similar to games like Heavy Rain or Detroit: Become Human, the choices would affect the plot and would result in a different ending.


Interactive portal on a later or revised version, since many functions are now covered here.

Further Information

KIT Kingston Interactive Television (

Pace Micro ships millionth set-top box | Business Weekly | Technology News | Business news | Cambridge and the East of England

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