Scientific Atlanta

Set Top Boxes

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Scientific Atlanta

Explorer 2000 Scientific Atlanta
Early concept of the Explorer 2000 on the right, note the two front serial ports

Explorer 2000: Original First generation digital set top box released in 1998, which was used to launch digital cable. Typically comes with , however this can be customised by the cable operator. Supports Video-on-demand, web browsing, e-mail and interactive TV

Scientific Atlanta remote
Concept digital remote

Explorer 3000

Explorer 3100DVB: Never released, might have been for ntl UK

Explorer 6000: Never released, was supposed to be DAVIC and DOCSIS compatible, like the Pace Di4010

Explorer 2100:

Explorer 3100

Explorer 3170HD:

Explorer 2200

Explorer 3200

Explorer 3270HD

Explorer 3100HD

Explorer 4200/HD

Explorer 8000/8000HD: Digital Video Recorder models with dual tuners, HD variant

Explorer 8240/C/HDC

Explorer 8300/8300HD/C/HDC

Explorer 4250/C/HD

Explorer 3340

Explorer 3250/HD

Explorer 1850

Explorer 1840

Explorer 1800

Explorer 940


Explorer 1540

Explorer 1640

Explorer 4600

Explorer 8600


Pace was one of the few manufactures that designed boxes for both major platforms for US cable operators whilst also supplying operators in Europe, in addition to satellite and terrestrial platforms. Not all operators used Pace equipment, Time Warner being a well known customer.

Pace DC501 Time Warner Cable
Pace DC501

DC501 – Compact digital set top box

DC510 – Digital Set top box with return path, 170MIPS CPU

DC550 – HD Set top

DC511 – Standard definition set top box, 175MIPS CPU, 32Mb RAM

DC551 – HD set top

TDC575D – Standard Definition DVR

TDC577X – Standard Definition DVR


Pioneer Voyager, with an early logo

Pioneer started manufacturing set top’s that were compatible with Scientific Atlanta platforms in 2001, and were adopted by Time Warner Cable. Pioneer developed the Passport Pegasus/Echo TV guide software that ran on top of the PowerTV operating system and middleware which was adopted in some Time Warner franchises and ran on both Scientific Atlanta and Motorola equipment.


BD-V1000 – Standard definition set top box with DAVIC return path,

BD-V3000 – Standard definition box with 16Mb SRAM, 8Mb Flash and features a Broadcom 7100 CPU chipset

Voyager 3000

Pioneer also had an analogue set top tox – the BA-V2000




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