Exploring the Cisco Tivo CT8620

To access the engineering mode, unplug the Virgin media Tivo box and hold down the Up + Down arrow buttons on the front panel to the STB (not the remote), continue holding until Starting Up disappears off the screen, typically around 50 seconds.

Screens were captured through the HDMI output, I’m not sure if tis will work via the Scart connection.

The first frequency the tivo checks when it is booting up, typically contains firmware updates

STB information and local network ID

Various MAC and IP address used by the STB networking interfaces

Signal information

Information found in the DVB signal information tables

For tuner 2

Hard disk information

3 thoughts on “Exploring the Cisco Tivo CT8620

  1. Peter S

    Hi – Great information with all the tech reviews you have done on this site. Are you able to advise on the network connection options that are available on the CT-8620 please?

    Suggestions are that internet connectivity is only via co-ax or LAN/Ethernet ports? When I look at the network menu there is no option to join a wifi network (unless there is a hidden menu?)

    Many thanks for your contribution


    1. drew1440 Post author

      Sadly there’s no Wi-Fi support on the CT-8620, only the Arris/V6 models had internal Wi-Fi & Bluetooth. A lot of the internet connectivity will only function via its internal DOCSIS modem which has to be activated by Virgin Media, the ethernet interface was only intended for box to box streaming and remote control.


      1. Peter

        That’s very helpful thanks.
        My box is/was already up and running with VM for a number of years.

        The reason for my question is because I have just put the Hub3 into Modem mode so I can connect a MESH Wi-fi network. I have connected the LAN port of the CT-8620 to the MESH and it does seem to be working. I’m not sure if via LAN or DOCSIS though.


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