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Exploring the Cisco Tivo CT8620

To access the engineering mode, unplug the Virgin media Tivo box and hold down the Up + Down arrow buttons on the front panel to the STB (not the remote), continue holding until Starting Up disappears off the screen, typically around 50 seconds.

Screens were captured through the HDMI output, I’m not sure if tis will work via the Scart connection.

The first frequency the tivo checks when it is booting up, typically contains firmware updates

STB information and local network ID

Various MAC and IP address used by the STB networking interfaces

Signal information

Information found in the DVB signal information tables

For tuner 2

Hard disk information

Virgin Media Tivo in 2020

Virgin’s ageing TV Platform originally released in 2011. Here’s a look at the current interface on a Cisco CT8620. The Tivo box has been recently deactivated and is due to be sent back, so features such as OnDemand and Interactive apps will no longer function.

Virgin Media Home

TV Guide

TV Listings, grid view
TV Guide, in list view
Customising the TV Guide
My Shows, where all recordings reside
This would show any upcoming recordings
Pressing Ok brings up a mini guide banner
Appears every-time you change channels



Parental Settings

Setting a manual recording

Appears when you power on the Tivo box from the mains
Change power and standby settings, set the Tivo box name if you use remote recordings