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Homechoice EPG 2004

Homechoice was one of the first IPTV providers in the UK (along with Kingston/KCOM) where the entire TV service is delivers via the ADSL enabled phone line.

The main on demand guide, C1 and C2 were presented as linear TV channels but were shortcuts to Homechoice’s on demand content

TV channel genres, similar to the category view on Sky digital, but with video on demand mixed in

The main linear TV channels, up to 6 channels are displayed at a time and can be scrolled through using the CH + and – buttons. Future TV listings can be displayed. Like cable, a Mini TV window is displayed showing the channel that the user is currently tuned to

Main channel navigation banner, you can see what is being shown now and what’s coming up later

Synopsis information, displaying more information about the program

All shows than are going to be broadcast latest for a specific channel

C1 was a dedicated n demand channel that would show trailers for shows that Homechoice was offering. Virgin would adopt the same method with Virgin Central, as a way to entice customers to use the service.

Detailed list of all shows, here the newest shows are listed

A-Z of all shows